Phyleon is a leading consultancy firm focused on governance and leadership. On the basis of decades of advising boards and leadership teams of business and other organisations we have developed a comprehensive understanding and perception of boardroom and leadership realities.


We contribute our expertise, both in the field of behaviour and effectiveness of individual leaders and leadership teams and in the field of the regulatory environment that determines their various roles and tasks. Our expertise is based on years of experience working with boards and leadership teams and on broad experience in academic research at institutions such as INSEAD, Tias Nimbas, Duisenberg school of finance and the University of Amsterdam. We combine our expertise into a multi-disciplinary approach, helping to identify the interplay between multiple factors that determine effectiveness and performance of boards, leadership teams and individual leaders.


Our aspiration is to help boards, leadership teams and leaders to develop their performance and effectiveness, always with a view to build on the strength of people and to enhance the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment.


Based in the Netherlands Phyleon actively co-operates in international networks of advisors and researchers in the fields of governance and leadership.